LEBE-040 S.O by Onyo
Selling price open to members

50 pics


1. Paypal account is blocked because someone constantly reported it to Paypal

2. Thus, the Free Pass service was launched in cooperation with the platform 'Member Me'.

3. It is a service that provides at least 28 new pictorials per month for $36 per month.

4. You can view it only in the Member Me app, and you do not download and own the pictorial.

5. If you try to capture within the Member Me app, the first capture attempt is a warning, the second attempt is a 24 hour stop, and the third attempt is a permanent stop.

6. If you try to view it on another device through mirroring, etc., your account will be suspended immediately.

7. Up to 2 devices can be registered per account. You can only use the 2 devices you log in to for the first time.

   If you want to replace the device, you can contact the Member Me customer center and change it once a month.

8. This is a promotion period, so if you sign up now, you can subscribe for $36.

   When it is officially opened in the future, the subscription fee will be adjusted to $120. However, once you sign up for $36, you can keep your subscription for $36 until you cancel your subscription.

9. Subscribers can view each pictorial for at least 30 days, after which they will be closed sequentially.

10. Only subscribers can 'purchase' the extreme pictorial. You can enjoy the purchased extreme pictorials indefinitely at any time, but if you cancel your subscription, the purchased extreme pictorials will also be deleted.